Since more than ten years Q360 has helped winning companies to achieve better results with an unique systemic approach to develop and train their Human Resources.

Q360 is able to enhance the performance of any organization with its own methodology to improve the efficiency of the procedures through the integration of the individual knowledge with the organizational knowledge and the development of sinergies among the single components of the firm.

Q360 can provide:

  • Consultancy: Innovative Methodology to analyze the organization and the procedures to better focus the value chain on the competitive advantage for remarkable business results.
  • Training: Unique Systemic Approach to make the need analysis and design innovative training projects to value individuals both in their organization and in their business environment in order to create synergies and virtuous circles of continuous improvement.
  • Special Events Arrangement: Kick off, Conventions, Canvass, Projects for solving specific organizational issues.
  • Assessment We develop and apply competency models, success profiles, and value maps—to align and integrate the appropriate talent with your specific business needs.
  • Health & Safety Culture: The two key drivers that inspire our projects are: sharing a set of values​​, languages​​, systems and processes on the one hand, and “put Safety first” on the other. These drivers are necessary to the creation of an Health & Safety Culture which also includes “work related stress” that although long studied from the psychology of work and organizations is still not shared within organizations.
  • Standard Courses: Design of customized catalogues of training courses and delivery on demand.

We at Q360 are an international Team of professionals having different academic and business background and our network of trainers can count on sport champions as well as consultants with long-standing experience in multiple business environments.