Case Histories

Customer Care Re-Orientation (all levels)

Who Takes This Course

  • All business professionals in customer facing positions or with specific responsibilities for Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • Personnel new to the role, as well as more experienced officers seeking to examine and enhance their service quality and customer satisfaction skills
  • Marketing professionals looking for a compelling strategic edge in the market
  • Team leaders looking to relate to their teams and to higher management
  • This course provides professionals at all organizational levels with the skills necessary for building strong relationships with internal and external customers.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the value of providing exceptional customer service in today’s business environment
  • Explore how service is defined by customers
  • Communicate appropriately and personally with customers
  • Apply tactics to deal effectively with challenging customers
  • Objectively evaluate customer service efforts.

Building the Innovation culture

DSCN2573In November 2016, Q360 supported an Italian Group leader in the energy sector, in the design and implementation of an experiential activity on the theme of Innovation, addressed to ninety persons belonging to the ICT and Energy management unit of the group.

The activity was included in the broader framework of the Innovation Day, an event organized with the aim of promoting within the two units a shared strategic vision on innovation, and encourage out-of- the-box thinking.

Q360 chose the metaphor of an important history of innovation of the past to guide the participants through a process that, in a creative way, has enabled them to recognize and adopt the key elements of the innovation culture.

Mentoring & Coaching in Kuwait

Arabian PeopleKuwait City, May-July 2016. Q360 has been involved by an International Directional Consulting in organizing 30 editions of the Mentoring & Coaching Course addressed to the managers of a leading international Company in the oil industry. The course had a duration period of 5 days and was taught in English and Arabic by Master Trainers.

Self awareness in Iraq

pumpjack1Basra, January-July 2016. Q360 has been involved by the ENI Corporate University for planning and organizing 35 editions of the course of Self Awareness, addressed at technicians and professionals of an important international company in the extracting industry. The course lasted 10 days and was taught in English and Arabic by Master Trainers.

Training of innovative techniques for the European Market of Gas B2B

gasMilan. March-May 2016. To react to the deep changes in the Gas Market in Italy and Europe, the leading Italian Company in the field has renovated its commercial offer for Large Costumers. Q360 supported the internal Focal Points planning and putting up a pilot training program on the new Catalog of Products addressed at KAM and Back Office in the Department. The use of the exclusive methodology Q360 of formative co-planning made it possible to rapidly transfer the complex technical content in the daily practicality of the participants. Considered the success that the Italian pilot edition had had, the formative program has been implemented in all European commercial areas.

Media speaking for the banking

Media SpeakingRome, January-May 2016. In the perspective of an internal change of the strategies of external communication of an important organization of banking, Q360 instructed the internal representatives for the management of different communicational situations with the media (Radio interviews, Newscast interviews, participation in general or specific TV programs…). The formative program provided a continuous interchange between interactive theoretical sessions and training sessions with simulations, along with the participation of real journalists in the field.

Share&Shape Negotiating Skill for Multicountry Customers

energiaBrussels, Paris, Dusseldorf, January-March 2016. Q360 provided the course for the KAM in the European Market Departments of an Italian leading company in the Energy and Gas industry. The objective was to train the employees for the management of a Multinational Customer. A basic part of the course was a complex simulation in which participants had been role-playing reconstructing the whole process facing a teacher/energy manager who acted for the counterpart. All employees had to use real RFQ (Request for Quotation).

Reaching goals for Managers in the Pharmaceutical industry

rugbyRome, January 2017. The formative event involved 160 business managers in a series of rugby matches, in a light and indoor version created for that occasion. The objective was to strengthen the managerial role as an element of the “chain of transmission” that links all business strategies to the daily workability producing a constant progress towards business objectives

Sales Convention Business Wholesale/CARD


In the heart of Andalusia, in the splendid artistic city of Seville the “R&M Business Convention Wholesale/CARD was set in April 2016.The main objective of the Convention was to gather 100 commercial operators in one important occasion to communicate and be able to experiment directly on the field:

1) New service to launch on the e-business markets

It’s about innovative packages focused on the management and control of transitions carried out by customers in short, middle and long terms. Such instrument proves to be innovative because it makes it possible for the costumer to benefit of excellent advantages (especially in terms of saving facilitated by 1. security about frauds on transactions, 2. possibility to supervise and thus to manage constantly all transactions so that costs can be optimized).

2) The new selling approach aimed at paying the whole attention to the costumer and his/her needs.

The distinctive procedures of the convention led to a perfect combination of institutional interventions looked after by the client and the experiential training that was looked after by Q360. All the events have been accompanied by recreational activities.

3) The representative symbol of the convention was a Chameleon that could best symbolize the current status of commercial operators at issue:(¡K a combination of abilities to change in order to adapt to the conditions of the outer environment, high competence and physical and motion control… The symbol was designed by Valerie Duval, a talented Spanish drawer.

Key Account Manager: Re-orientation to the role through Judo and the participation of potential clients in class

judoMilan, September-October 2016. Q360 organized a course named “Middle Market” aimed at sales managers in the field of Energy and Gas industry, using the “metaphor” of Judo to induct attitudes/behaviors linked to the re-orientation to the role. At a later stage, such behaviors/attitudes have been tested and used in simulations with potential real clients participating in the class (property managers, executives of trade centers).