Standard Courses

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Standard Courses

Q360 has been elaborating for the last years with an innovative model of intervention on soft skills. Such model has been efficiently developed on area-specific activities.

The model of intervention:
It is a proficiency relational-emotional model which made Q360 a leader company in the field of training on soft skills.

The E.B.C. (Emotional Binary Code – * known as C.A.B. in Italian) allows people to gain awareness and to improve their personal behaviors in either complex organizational or relational situations. (The E.B.C. mainly integrates the theoretical contributions deriving from Rogers Model, Ellis’s RET, The Emotional Code by Fornari and the Gestalt.

Specific areas of activity:
• Re-orientation of Complex Commercial Networks
• Media Relationship Speaking
• Change Management
• People Management
• Recruitment & Induction Programs for young talents
• Implementation of staff evaluation models
• Organizational Communication and Internal Communication
• Cross Cultural & Diversity Management • Organizational Coaching for High Management
• Strategic Business Management
• International Negotiation Techniques
• Business Presentation
• Innovative Communication about Product/Service
• Business Proactivity
• Development and Call Center Training